Blackberry banner

Client: Blackberry

Areas I worked in: Interaction Design, Mobile UI

Software used: Omnigraffle, Illustrator

This was a UI concept for a mobile music player application I did for an interaction design assignment for Blackberry. My mission was to create a concept, explain it through wireframes and find out a smart way of changing tracks in the application.
My workflow started with information gathering about Blackberry phones to get a main understanding on the object I was to design for, as for various music player interfaces on the market. I noted the strengths and weaknesses of other interfaces to help me design on a new one. I made quick sketches on paper so I could make many different versions quickly before I took the design further, completing it on the computer. I used the application Omnigraffle to visualise my concept and create the user flowchart.
I worked with consistency on the design, by using a navigation bar that is always visible on the top of the screen. While playing music, a control bar is visible on the lower part of the screen to allow quick access to pause/resume and change track buttons. This makes the application easier to use.
A unique feature for this application is that the user can control the music playing by knocking on the phone. This idea came into the design later, but was easy to implement into the design thanks to the basic prototype sketches. It is supposed to help the user to quickly control the application while the smartphone is located in, for example; the jeans pockets. Also, for this assignment there was no “Home” button located on the phone, so I had to make use of the software. I created a minimize / exit slider that reduces the risk of accidentally closing the application and the music.
I created the interaction flowchart to show user navigation trough the different screens of the application. I made user tests with two friends, separately, during the design of the flowchart to see if it was logic and understandable. With paper prototypes I gave them different tasks and let them “click” trough the menus to see where they would end up. By doing this I could make changes easily without doing unnecessary work.