Campusfesten Event Homepage

Campusfesten Event Homepage

Team Project

Areas I worked in: Event Organization, Advertising, Social Media, WordPress, CSS, FTP-Management

Software used:, Sublime Text, FTP-Zilla, Photoshop, Illustrator

This was a homepage I made for a party event me and some other students from the Skellefteå Campus hosted. It took place at a hotel in Skellefteå called Stadshotellet.

This was a non-profit event and the ticket earnings went to drinks for the attendees. We had several sponsors that helped us pay for the room, the DJ’s and all the their equipment as well as the costs for the homepage and advertising. The event gathered around 80 students for mingle, fun activities and a dancefloor with DJ-group Club Sockerbeat behind the decks.

I created a wordpress page for the event, with paypal integration for selling tickets. We put up posters on the campus and used Facebook to let people know about the event.


The font used is Impregnable: