Interactive Wall Concept for Kulturväven

Interactive Wall Concept for Kulturväven

Course: Cross Media Concept Development (Group Project)

Client: Umeå Municipality

Areas I worked in: Interaction Design, Service Design, Graphic Design and Video Animation

Software used: Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, After Effects CS6

For this course me and my group made a concept for an interactive wall. The wall is a big interactive screen, which are supposed to give visitors information and help during their visit at the Kulturväven culture house in Umeå, Sweden. Since the architecture of the Kulturväven building is inspired by birch trees, which are closely connected to Umeå, we wanted to use that design thought on our screens as well. The background/wallpaper of the screen is inspired by aurora borealis, or “Norrsken”, which very much symbolise the north of Sweden.






Pixelated Aurora Borealis Animation from Richard Larsson on Vimeo.

Pictogram credit (legal stuff):

Book from The Noun Project

Clock designed by P.J. Onori from The Noun Project

Thermometer designed by Laurent Patain from The Noun Project

Theater designed by Jonathan C. Dietrich from The Noun Project

Video designed by Anas Ramadan from The Noun Project