Web Concept for Museum Anna Nordlander

Web Concept for Museum Anna Nordlander

Course: Interaction Design in Cross Media

Areas I worked in: Service Design, User Interface Design and Graphic Design

Software Used: Photoshop CS5, Omnigraffle, Keynote

Museum Anna Nordlander (abbreviated MAN) is a local museum in Skellefteå which needed a re-branding of their homepage. They used to be more of a community than a museum since they didn’t have a physical place to call their own. Ever since they got a place, they feel that the ‘cloud feeling’ was gone. They wanted to change the perception of just being a local museum to also be available on the web, to reach more people.

We were to develop a brand strategy for MAN and make a concept of a website. It was important that the website would be easy to administrate and moderate. Our core concept for that website was to make it simplistic and straight on the point, and to make use of already established social media networks (MAN already have a facebook group for example)

I worked together with Niklas Odén on this project.