Nami - Game Streaming Concept

Nami – Game Streaming Concept

Course: Creative Entrepreneurship in Cross Media (Group Project)

Areas I worked in: Business Management, Service Design, Interaction Design and Graphic Design

Software used: Photoshop CS6, Keynote

This was a group assignment with the task of making a business model for an original idea for a service or product. We started out by creating our business model idea by using the business model canvas method, made quick sketches to support our idea and then worked on each part in detail until we had a working concept: Nami, which means stream in Japanese.

First, a quick sketch over some leaflets describing the idea of game streaming, with the business model canvas:

and here is the keynote describing the business model of Nami (the keynote relied much on what the presenter said, therefore some parts may seem unclear):

Pictograms from The Noun Project