Surfaces - Ubiquitous Computing Concept

Surfaces – Ubiquitous Computing Concept

Course: Basic Techniques and Platforms for Cross Media Production

Areas I worked in: User Interface Design and Video Animation

Tools and Software I used: Canon 7D, Wacom Bamboo and After Effects CS5 for post-production.

During this course, we were assigned with a group task to build on a ubiquitous computing concept. Ours is called Surfaces, a graphical interface inside surfaces such as tables and walls that interact with devices and is aware of its environment. The task was visualize our concept with a video. In business, this is handy when you want to pitch an idea without spending to much time or money. My role on this project was to work on the coffee mug ring and do the “amazing” acting performance! For this concept we used a Canon 7D camera and one of my old tripods.

Surfaces from Niklas Odén on Vimeo.